Garlock NSF 61 Certified Gasket Materials for Potable (Drinking) Water Systems


Garlock NSF 61 - Certified Gasket Materials for Potable (Drinking) Water Systems

Certified Gasket Materials for Potable (Drinking) Water Systems

NSF 61 ensures that drinking water is clean, safe and covers almost all components used in municipal water sys- tems. In the past, Garlock received inquiries about gaskets that were NSF61 Certified, but recently NSF 61 certification has become a REQUIREMENT for some customers.

When a gasket is submitted for testing, the formulation is reviewed for prohibited substances, and then tested for contaminants that could leach out of the gasket into your drinking water.

Garlock proudly offers four different gasketing products that are NSF/ANSI 61 certified: GYLON® 3505, MULTI- SWELLTM 3760-U, STRESS SAVER® XP and Rubber Sheet Style 98206 (EPDM).

GYLON® Style 3505

*Restructured PTFE sheet designed for use on higher pressure raised or flat face flanges


*Aramid fiber gasket with a proprietary rubber binder designed to swell upon contact with water to create a seal; used in both raised and flat face flanges


*Molded fluoroelastomer product designed for use in both metallic and non-metallic, flat faced flanges up to 24” pipe

Rubber Sheet Style 98206

*High performance EPDM sheet material intended for use in standard and non- standard flat face flanges



Beacon Gasket & Seals Co. is proud to offer Garlocks NSF 61 Certified materials to meet you needs.

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